Pride in the Park 2024 Wrap Up

We are thrilled to share the highlights of our unforgettable Pride in the Park 2024 event in Gig Harbor! It was a day filled with joy, love, and community spirit, as we came together to celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and pride. Skansie Park was buzzing with excitement as attendees enjoyed a fantastic lineup of performances, delicious food, unique vendors, and engaging community booths.

We were also delighted to release the first edition of Pride Gig Harbor Resource Guide at the event, providing valuable information and connections for our LGBTQIA2S+ community.

A special thank you goes out to our amazing sponsors, whose generous support made this event possible. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to every performer, vendor, sponsor, and volunteer who contributed to making Pride in the Park 2024 an outstanding success. Your dedication and enthusiasm are what make our community so vibrant and inclusive.

Pride in the Park 2024 Sponsors

Hart Studio

  • Local artist Hillarie Isackson who creates beautiful paintings and murals.
  • URL: Hart Studio
  • Type of Sponsor: Event Sponsor


  • Hub provides a variety of insurance services and solutions.
  • URL: Hub
  • Type of Sponsor: Ally Sponsor

TAPCO Credit Union

  • TAPCO provides banking and financial services to the community. They have a Gig Harbor location.
  • URL: TAPCO Credit Union
  • Type of Sponsor: Ally Sponsor

Better Properties – The Siler Team

  • Jessica and Todd Siler provide real estate services in the local area.
  • URL: The Siler Team
  • Type of Sponsor: Ally Sponsor

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health (VMFH) Inclusive Healthcare

  • VMFH provides inclusive healthcare services and stands for LGBTQ+ equality.
  • Type of Sponsor: Ally Sponsor

TRA Medical Imaging

  • TRA Medical Imaging provides a range of diagnostic imaging services, with a location in Gig Harbor.
  • URL: TRA Medical Imaging
  • Type of Sponsor: Ally Sponsor

Blissfully Organized

  • Blissfully organized is a woman-owned business offering professional organizing services to help declutter and organize spaces.
  • URL: Blissfully Organized
  • Type of Sponsor: Community Sponsor

Invitation Bookstore

  • Invitation Bookstore is a local Gig Harbor bookstore offering a wide range of books and literary events.
  • URL: Invitation Bookstore
  • Type of Sponsor: Community Sponsor

Gig Harbor Primary Care

  • Gig Harbor Primary Care provides comprehensive primary care services to the local community.
  • URL: Gig Harbor Primary Care
  • Type of Sponsor: Community Sponsor

B’s Bagels & Butters

  • Small batch, hand-rolled bagels in Gig Harbor, WA. They offer a variety of bagel flavors, cream cheese schmears, compound butters, vegan schmears, sandwiches, beverages, and more.
  • URL: B’s Bagels & Butters
  • Type of Sponsor: Community Sponsor

Harbor Balloons

  • Harbor Balloons is a woman owned company offering balloon decorations and services for events.
  • URL: Harbor Balloons
  • Type of Sponsor: In-Kind Sponsor (Entrance balloon garland and “Ballon Pop” art activity)

Tides Tavern

  • Tides Tavern is a Gig Harbor restaurant, known for its waterfront views and delicious seafood.
  • URL: Tides Tavern
  • Type of Sponsor: In-Kind Sponsor (Raffle Prize Donation)

Gig Harbor Gondola

  • Gig Harbor Gondola offers romantic and scenic Venetian gondola rides in Gig Harbor.
  • URL: Gig Harbor Gondola
  • Type of Sponsor: In-Kind Sponsor (Raffle Prize Donation)

French Toast Theatre

  • French Toast Theatre offers theatre productions, ballet lessons, summer camps, and party planning for kids.
  • URL: French Toast Theatre
  • Type of Sponsor: Kids Zone Sponsor

Rainier Hyperbaric

  • Rainier Hyperbaric offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy to improve healing and recovery.
  • URL: Rainier Hyperbaric
  • Type of Sponsor: Hydration Station Sponsor

Artistic Home Stagings

  • Artistic Home Stagings provides home staging services for various needs, including resale and events.
  • URL: Artistic Home Stagings
  • Type of Sponsor: In-Kind Sponsor (Furniture for Advocacy Booth and Kids Storytime Area)

FRILLS by TLB Events

  • A boutique in Gig Harbor offering custom floral arrangements, gifts, celebration essentials, and unique decor items. They donated the bubble machine for the event.
  • URL: FRILLS by TLB Events
  • Type of Sponsor: In-Kind Sponsor (Bubble Machine Donation)

Pride in the Park 2024 Entertainment

DJ Stephan

  • Born and raised in the Puget Sound, Stephan came out in college and has since developed an eclectic ear for music that helps us find our sunshine in a rainstorm. From dark and grungy to airy and uplifting, Stephan appreciates finding the sweet spot that guides us through sound from one emotion to a healthier state of being.
  • Type of Performance: Event DJ, MC


  • As a headliner at pride festivals and the reigning Supreme of Hearts with the Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle, Satonya captivates audiences with their unique brand of drag. Their journey as an activist and performer has left an indelible mark on the community, promoting inclusivity, acceptance, and celebration.
  • URL: Satonya Instagram
  • Type of Performance: MixTress, Drag

Blooberry and Mushie

  • Blooberry and Mushie are local clowns who bring joy and laughter to events and private parties. Known for their vibrant performances, they specialize in creating fun and memorable experiences for audiences of all ages. Whether it’s a birthday party, community event, or special celebration, Blooberry and Mushie deliver entertainment that delights and captivates.
  • Type of Performance: Clowns entertainment in Kids Zone and stage, Pie in the Face

Kristin Ang

  • Description: Kristin Ang is a Port of Tacoma Commissioner, making history as the first person of color elected to the commission. She also serves as the Policy Engagement Director for Faith Action Network and is focused on building a more inclusive, innovative, and environmentally-friendly port. Kristin is committed to addressing supply chain challenges, reducing pollution, and creating economic opportunities for Pierce County.
  • URL: Kristin Ang
  • Type of Performance: Speech

Emily Randall

  • Emily Randall is a Washington State Senator representing the 26th Legislative District. She serves as the Deputy Majority Leader and chairs the Senate Higher Education & Workforce Development Committee. Elected in 2018, she is a dedicated advocate for healthcare, education, and LGBTQ rights.
  • URL: ElectEmilyRandall
  • Type of Performance: Speech

Ryan Mello

  • Ryan Mello is the Pierce County Council Chair, representing the 4th Council District. He has been a vocal advocate for sustainable development, environmental protection, and community health initiatives throughout Pierce County.
  • URL: RyanMello
  • Type of Performance: Speech

Theydy Justice

  • Pride Gig Harbor founding and board member.
  • Type of Performance: Closing speech as Pride Gig Harbor representative.


  • Known for pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a woman or a man, Ajenda brings compelling performances with a touch of camp. As a nonbinary artist, Ajenda shifts between binaries, finding a happy middle ground that celebrates the spectrum of gender identity.
  • URL: Ajenda Instagram
  • Type of Performance: Drag

Ovary Act

  • Ovary Act is a young local drag king known for his flamboyant style, comedic flair, and iconic lip sync performances. As a rising star in the drag community, Ovary Act combines humor and artistry to create engaging and memorable performances that challenge traditional gender norms.
  • URL: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok
  • Type of Performance: Drag


  • Aimée is a Hawaii-born belly dance artist who has traveled the world performing and teaching. She has studied many dance styles including Hula, Classical Indian Dance, and belly dance, but belly dance is definitely her favorite! For Aimée, Pride is all about celebrating your true self and letting it shine! It’s also a celebration of LOVE no matter our gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, or anything else that might divide us.
  • URL: Aimée Instagram
  • Type of Performance: Belly Dancing

French Toast

  • French Toast offers theatre productions, ballet lessons, summer camps, and party planning for kids.
  • URL: FrenchToast
  • Type of Performance: Choir and dance performance by Mads, Liv, and French Toast Theatre kids.

Matzah Belle

  • Local drag performer who loves to make people smile with her performance.
  • URL: Instagram
  • Type of Performance: Drag

Gender Confuschia

  • Local drag performer.
  • Type of Performance: Drag

Ethereal Arts NW

  • Aerial and circus arts performances.
  • URL: Ethereal Arts NW
  • Type of Performance: Aerial

MearaKat & The Warthogs

  • Local band performing live music.
  • URL: Facebook, Youtube
  • Type of Performance: Band

Pride in the Park 2024 Vendors and Community Booths

These are some of the food vendors, merch vendors, and community services booths that were present at the Pride in the Park 2024 event.

A Small Specialty (Salsa & Lemonade)

Cay Sal Pies (Pie on a Stick)

Emy Ray Bakes (Macarons)

Korsmo Celebrations (Cake Pops)

Kreative Kettlekorn (Popcorn)

Millville Pizza (Pizza)

Padoca Brasil (Brazilian food)

South 2 West Peanuts (Boiled Peanuts)

Starvin Marvins (Hot Dogs)

Turgers Burgers (Burgers)

Wandering Cowgirl Coffee (Coffee)

Zehnz Dezignz

  • URL: Zehnz Dezignz
  • Description: Handmade custom-designed handbags and accessories.

Stormo’s Handcrafted Studio

Honey Soup

  • URL: Honey Soup
  • Description: Watercolor bird art prints, stickers, cards, and beaded bracelets.

Juniper Lynne Photography

Soullective Space

  • URL: Soullective Space
  • Description: Reading services, healing services, courses, art, jewelry, crystals, minerals, and ritual tools.

Pierson Paradise Crystals

  • URL: Pierson Paradise Crystals
  • Description: Native American handmade crystal bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and trees of life.

Kristi’s Rocks and Dots

  • URL: Kristi’s Rocks and Dots
  • Description: Painted rocks, mandala painted stones/wood rounds/home decor, dot painting kits.

Spoiled Esthetics

  • URL: Spoiled Esthetics
  • Description: Licensed esthetician and lash artist, offering permanent jewelry at the event.

Deadmans Island Kayak & SUP

  • URL: Deadmans Island Kayak & SUP
  • Description: Kayak and paddleboard rentals, delivering equipment for waterfront home parties and self-guided tours

Moms for PEACE

  • URL: Moms for PEACE
  • Description: Local non-profit organization advocating for education and equity for all students.

26th Legislative District Democrats

Own Your Awkward by Andy Vargo

  • URL: Own Your Awkward
  • Description: Author, speaker, and life coach helping individuals embrace their true, authentic selves.

Social Justice Kids

  • URL: Social Justice Kids
  • Description: Provides resources and courses to help parents and educators engage in meaningful conversations about race, identity, and social justice with children.

Pierce County Library System

  • URL: Pierce County Library System
  • Description: Provides access to books, digital collections, online resources, and educational programs for all ages.

Pride Counseling NW

  • URL: Pride Counseling NW
  • Description: Offers inclusive and affirming mental health services.

Tom Taylor Family YMCA

  • URL: Tom Taylor Family YMCA
  • Description: Offers a variety of health, wellness, and community programs and services.

Friends of Hilary Franz

  • URL: Hilary Franz
  • Description: Campaign for Hilary Franz, Washington’s Commissioner of Public Lands running for Congress.

The Blue Mouseketeers

  • URL: The Blue Mouseketeers
  • Description: Washington’s longest continually running Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported Pride in the Park 2024. Your presence and participation truly made the day special. We look forward to continuing to build a strong, supportive, and joyful community together. Stay tuned for more events and updates from Gig Harbor Pride!


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